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Meet the women of Conscious

Hello, K‘musta. So glad you're here. Get to know us a little through these bits of the team's bios.

We're Filipinas who want to share our learning and passion about our kapwa connection with each other, Creation and to the Divine.


We're here to celebrate life on Earth, the love of our families and friends, and to share our passion for wisdom, Philippine heritage, return to our authentic selves—pagbabalikloob— and sacred interconnection—pakikipagkapwa.

We're a gathering of thoughtful Pinays who believe that by our own growth, wholeness and actions we can effect positive change, the healing of humanity and of the Earth. Reach out to us. Join us.

Be a sister co-creatrix

You’ve been on your journey and done your hard work. You’ve been sharing your experiences and work with others through service.

Well, if we're aligned and a good fit then I'd love to share you and your conscious service work in our portal for awakening and awakened Filipinas.

So come, hali ka na, be a sister co-creatix at Conscious and share your Love as the world awakens.

Hello, sisters <3

Message me or schedule our meeting call to discuss your work and how we're shaping your presence at Conscious

Let's talk again soon. 

Apply to partner

You're feeling what our mission and vision is. You got to know our Sister Creatices, and you too want to share your services.

Filipina identity

When I embarked upon the beginning of the first online community for and by Filipinas in 1997 I wrote down empowerment and stared at the one word on a blank piece of paper.

Today, in 2020 I feel wholeness and its potential. 

Together let us contemplate on the wholeness of being of Filipina women as individuals, in relationships, in communities, and as humans. There are many identities out there of what it means to be Pinay or Filipina—Mother, Daughter, Sister, Caregiver, OFW, Maria Clara, Sisa, Gabriela, Babaylan, Madonna, Beauty Queen, Servant, Whore, Bitch, Warrior, Teacher, Ecologist, Visionary, Healer, Victim, Perpetrator, Rescuer, Leader, Nurturer... the Dark and the Light... The Shadow and the Bright...

Pink Clouds

Awake. Arise.

Together at Conscious, through our works in the world, our services, through our very own lives, our co-creativity and interconnectivity, we not only weave together a healed and whole Filipina identity, we begin our birthing of a new positive, brighter human consciousness on Earth.

Now that you've explored our home page and events, come and walk with us, bring your offerings to this conscious pinay portal. Take the next steps below.

Leader Pinays, change-makers, cultural creative Pinays, come and be a part of us. There are Pinays who await their sisters and Titas, mentors and guides.

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