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Welcome, conscious, creative Pinays!

Here is a safe, online space for Pinays where we focus on conscious interbeing (kapwa) and wholeness (kagandahang loob).


Hello, k'musta na! I'm Omehra. I've been publishing for over 20 years.


Last 2020, I transformed into an online portal whereby a Pinay can find something different and exciting for her journey— ang kanyang lakaran— effecting growth and change in her life.


Side note: All the thoughtful posts and features written by Filipinas from the past years will be added to this new site soon.


Here at I am gathering together conscious Pinay sisters from across the globe—there are now so many more that are to be found—to support you in your own awakening, self-discovery, becoming whole, co-creativity, and actions for good. It's our collective mission to inspire and energize Filipina leaders and future Filipina leaders.

Alongside other spiritual, philosophical and universal wisdom traditions many of us will be grounding our offerings in Philippine indigenous tradition and wisdom, such as pakikipagkapwa, sacred interconnection to all beings and all life in the Cosmos.


If you seek to deepen your spiritual purpose and personal power in being part of creating a better tomorrow for us and future generations, then be excited and explore the many possible interconnections and interweaving of our passion and efforts.

We're a growing global group of women with Philippine ancestry with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and bodies of work—and we're here to empower you to become fully who you are and to bring about positive, sustainable change within your relationships, communities and their neighborhoods.

Join us in working towards birthing a new global conscious, compassionate humanity and a better home for our loved-ones and all beings on this precious planet.


It's time. We can do it, sweet sisters.
Subong na. Himuon ni naton. 
Panahon na. Kaya natin ito. 


Dungan-dungan. Sabay-sabay.

~Mabuhay. LifeLIghtLove to you, all you do, all you love~


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What we have for you

Offerings here are created to support you, your purpose and your passions that serve the world. 


Connect with kapwa Pinays who are conscious and believe in supporting each others’ personal growth and potential to be part of positive action in the world.

Deepen your personal practice and growth, supported by communities, events and resources that cultivate and expand perception, awareness, attention, and understanding.


Find women's circles, workshops, and retreats in this page and its links.

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Women's circles




Playshops & workshops


Soul talk


Group mentoring


Life coaching




The process of returning to Within, the spiraling journey to the deep authentic Self that's connected to Divine Source, AllThatIs.

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More pathways

Discover and deepen your wholeness through the services and support of these Filipinas. Their passion and love inspires them to create content and community that empower and energize Filipinas like you around the world.


For the journey of deepening your self-knowledge and soul awareness, here now find sisters who offer and share women's circles, embodied wisdom, women's mysteries, support in your leadership qualities and action plans, mentorship, life coaching, meditation, yoga and more.

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Philippines and USA


Our mission is to continue to create the sacred gatherings that will stoke the fire of awakening, igniting our heArts to live our fullest potential, stepping into our Higher Purpose. 


Our vision is to see women everywhere gathering in support and celebration of one another, to see our communities thrive and to see us all as a collective, living in harmony with All of Life.


Join us and connect with a collective of women who are on the path of remembering and returning to wholeness.


  • Women's circles - weekly

  • Women's retreat - monthly

  • Conscious Music Events - weekly

  • Mayan Dreamspell

  • Activations - bi-monthly

  • Workshops

  • Yoga & Chanting Events - monthly

  • Yoga - Asana, Pranayama, & Meditation (private or group classes)


On-site and virtual 



Francesca Regala
and Lee Grane

pinaypages logo - pinay pages.png



pinaypages is rooted in culture, creativity, and community. It is a space that invites you to share your story through poetry prompts and encourages you to engage with the KAmmunity. pinaypages aspires to utilize poetry and movement to explore our own identities and questions like “What does Pinay mean to you?” Let’s explore together.


  • Workshops (online) - monthly and/or bi-weekly)

  • Workshops (on-site): Upon request Mentoring - by outreach

  • Blog (Pinays, you're invited to contribute)

  • Weekly Poetry/Awareness/Current Events Instagram Posts




Jazlynn Pastor - pinaypages - pinay is p



Philippines, USA, Europe


Working with women through live and online women’s circles, immersions, workshops and one-on-one coaching. Embodying an approach to well-being that honors the feminine energy cycle. A community of women, harmonizing their external environment with their internal cycles, and stepping into leadership to enrich the community.

  • Feminine energy cycles and shifting society’s perspective and experience of menstruation

  • Integration of feminine energetic imprints, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hormone harmony, psycho-emotional health, and practical Spirituality

  • Somatic movement and intuitive dance, Yoga and mindfulness, Yin and meridian practices, archetypal embodiment, and life force nutrition specific to the different phases of the feminine energy cycle and our shifting hormones. 

  • Embodiment and Women’s Wellbeing immersions and workshops

  • Mentoring and guidance (face-to-face and online)


Dona Tumacder-Esteban

"...the Tagalog ka-loob means your kapwa — the other who is like you ) and has the same capacity for interiority… on a deeper level, ka-loob means you are one with God"

~ Agnes Miclat-Cacayan

Home: Kapwa Links


BAHALA NA tradition illuminated and transformed into a conscious living tradition.

Omehra Sigahne

Herbalaria is an Ancestral Roots Family Company, Connecting People to Indigenous Traditions through the Art of Filipino Plant & Energy Medicine. Explore their shamanic servicesspiritual consultations and classes and shop for organic herbal products grown in their family backyard and in their family farms in the Philippines.

Center for Babaylan Studies

The Kultivating Kapwa podcast series is hosted by Jana Lynne Umipig and Olivia Sawi. In their first series, they sit down with Leny Strobel, talking about her life, her work, decolonization, academia, ethno-autobiography, her relationship to nature, the land, and all living beings, and her views of the future. In their second series, They have conversations with members of the CFBS community and explore how decolonization has manifested itself in their work, and how they cultivate kapwa in their own lives.

Explore events and online courses on pagbabalikloob (decolonization). CfBS is a non-profit organization based in North America that bridges Filipinos in the diaspora with indigenous people, traditions and practices of the Philippines. Omehra Sigahne is a 2010 co-founder of CfBS along with Leny Strobel, Letecia Layson and Baylan Megino. Today, the new director is Lily Mendoza and the new core has created wonderful new offerings such as the Kultivating Kapwa podcast, IG live events, and the successful GINHAWA series.

The more one engages in it, the more the goodness in the persons involved is evoked from within.

Thus kapwa is an inner principle of shared goodness/Godness, not just shared identity.

Through the revelation of our potential for shared goodness, the process of kapwa affirms and recognizes the ultimate oneness of humankind.“

~ Felipe Mendoza de Leon

Home: Resources


In my journey of growth and healing I've uncovered these resources online that you too can explore.


Eric Maisel, DailyOm

Unleash your creativity. 14 exercises to go deep within yourself to look at emotional and mental blocks to your creativity, work on them, and release them. DailyOm brings you this series of exercises masterfully executed by Eric Maisel, teacher and author on creativity.


Debbie Ford, DailyOm

This DailyOm course invites you to honor the lessons from your past experiences so that your future will have a new tone, a new vibration, and a new kind of passion. You will be guided through powerful lessons that include specific information about how to overcome different aspects of self-sabotage, a new audio meditation each lesson to help you directly access your innate wisdom, and tangible action steps to help you make peace with your past and create radical shifts in your life.


Higher consciousness

Video on collective and higher consciousness, sacred geometry, human behaviour, our inner workings, Source, Divinity, Universality, planetary ascenscion, interconnection with the heart of the Cosmos. A bit mind-blowing.

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