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Hi, I'm Alara Paragas, Transformation Alchemist and Inspirista.

Are you struggling to find your true identity in this fast-changing world?

You know you are here in this life for much more, but you can't quite put your finger on what that looks like.

Maybe you are already successful and working hard, but you know you can be more,

and can have even more, with less energy and stress.


I help transform my clients, by helping them identify their blocks that they cannot see, embrace their uniqueness, and bring their gifts to the world in a way that celebrates their natural genetic design and purpose instead of masking it. I love hearing my clients say “I wish I met you years ago so I could have avoided all the struggle, uncertainty and disappointment of not getting the results I wanted.”   I love what I do because I can open doors for instant results for my clients, what took me years of frustration, self-discovery, and healing explorations. Today this means no more drifting, or repressed feelings of identity. Each and everyday you will wake up feeling powerful, purposeful, and with great happiness knowing you are here to spread your unique gifts to the world.


Alara is an Intuitive/Creative, Teacher, and  Specialist in Soul Clearing/Realignment, Human Design, Theta Technique, One Command®, Belief Work, Shamanistic journeying, and Feng Shui/property or space clearing. She developed "The Unbounded You" system which incorporates her Soul Purpose Tree process, and all the tools and techniques in acquiring self-knowledge and self-mastery that she has used and accumulated to bridge the gap between science (quantum physics) and spirituality. In her work, she invites Source, the All That Is, as Co-Creator, thus providing a safe space for empowerment and transformation alchemy.

Alara is an "alumna" of the corporate consulting industry in the U.S. and former instructor at the University of the Philippines. Currently on the last step to completing her doctoral degree in Spiritual Studies, she is writing  a creative non-fiction book on her spiritual journey entitiled "Looking for Bathala." She is also a former personal and family historian and in the process of compiling her family's legacy book entitled "Tawir" (Pangasinan word for Legacy). Her essay "Power and Grace of Personal Sovereignty" was published in a bestseller book community project on amazon in 2019. She has worked with Conscious Entrepreneurs and created an ebook in 2015 called "Managing the Energy of Your Business" of which an updated version will be out soon.

Alara can be reached via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Knowing yourself is strength; mastering yourself is power.

~ Lao Tzu ~

The answers are already inside you.

I help you uncover them.

Bloom where you are planted!

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