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Letecia Layson


Sister creatix

Letecia Layson is a Filipina, Feminist, Futurist, Priestess of Morphogenesis (Form Coming Into Being) and High Priestess of Diana ordained in the Dianic Tradition: Priestess of Isis, Priestess Hierophant in The Fellowship of Isis (FOI) and The Temple of Isis.


She is the recipient of the 2003 Catherine Wright Award for Equality and Justice in Alternative Spiritual Awareness by Feas2t. Her activism has brought her to the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil and 13th Commission of Sustainable Development at the UN in New York, 3rd International Women's Peace Conference.


Personal statement: Colonization and Globalization contributed to the reasons my father came to the US in 1926. He returned to the Philippines as part of the 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment during WWII, returning with his bride at the end of the war. I am second generation Filipina, raised to speak English only. I needed to find ways to move beyond the limited and limiting expressions and experiences of traditional and convention thinking/education that would keep the innate curiosity and love for nature and the world active in me. My mentors encouraged me to study nature, reach to the stars and understand the evolutionary flow of our human experience. Without the language of my ancestors to describe the beauty and mystery of these natural things, I came to use the language of physics and systems—general systems and living systems, to find a way of communicating that was beyond the bounds of country, race, religion and academic discipline.

Letecia is founding mother, along with Omehra Sigahne​, Leny Strobel and Baylan Megino of the Center for Babaylan Studies.

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