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Sister creatrix

Lee Grane is an Artist, Singer/Songwriter, and an advocate for Women's Empowerment. Her love for music sparked the curiosity to learn its healing essence and share it with others.

She is passionate about creating Conscious Music and Gatherings, and as Co-Founder of Roots of Wisdom, her vision is seeing women communities thrive, and to continue to co-create and provide the platform and sacred space for a collective of women to connect & support each other & bridge our communities.

Lee Grane has been in the world of music & performing for over 15 years. She has the uncanny ability to tune in to the living breathing element of sound and share its resonance with others. Her musical path lead her to study Nada Yoga under the tutelage of Indian Master Teachers in Rishikesh, India. She’s inspired to create conscious music as a tool to bring people to expanded states of awareness, creating spaces of freedom within themselves.Together they guide these gatherings anchored in Earth & Cosmic Wisdom.

Lee Grane & Francesca Regala, both Creatrix of Roots of Wisdom are from the Lemurian land of the Philippines. Recognizing the powerful transformational time we are living in, they began to co-create retreats wherein women can come to gather in sacred space to share their wisdom, their gifts and insights. Weaving their individual offerings of yoga, music & ceremony, these gatherings provide a nurturing and healing space for women & young women coming of age.

Remembering our interconnectedness with Mother Earth & our responsibility as stewards of this beautiful planet.

Lee Grane Music - Roots of Wisdom-small-
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