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Fri, Sep 04



Introduction—Bahala Na: A Conscious Living Tradition

Explore elements of sikolohiyang pilipino and the tradition & saying of "bahala na" as universal wisdom that cultivates courage, compassion, & clarity to fortify us in facing uncertainty and struggle, and opens us to flow and co-create with the Cosmos & Divine Source.

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Introduction—Bahala Na: A Conscious Living Tradition
Introduction—Bahala Na: A Conscious Living Tradition

Time & Location

Sep 04, 2020, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM CDT


About the event

Note: This is a more in-depth series version than the previous single events of July and August 2020 that were hosted by the Center for Babayan Studies.


Los Angeles, CA, USA, Fri, Sep. 04, 2020 6:00 pm PDT  Manila, Philippines Sat, Sep 5, 2020 10:00 am PHT


This is part 1 of a 2-part series. In the first session we cover Sikolohiyang Pilipino, Philippine worldview, Language. In the next session we cover, being human, baybayin, art and positive ways to say it.

Series description

2020 has proven itself to be a challenging year full of uncertainty and great change. These can be considered scary times or they can be embraced as exciting times. We can become aware of the Philippine tradition of bahala na in a more conscious way in order to help us be resilient in the face of unseen outcomes.

We are brought to the very edge that compels every leader, creative, change-maker, teacher visionary, warrior, healer, activist, scholar, consultant, student, and ritualist, to actualize personal and social change—to start or to continue on.

We have the opportunity to show up and be who we really are and not who or what others say we are. 

This is the time to do what we came here to do and not what others tell us to do. 

Why is it healing that we can practice our Filipino tradition of bahala na in a conscious way?

The practice of bahala na can be one of mindfulness. It can be accepting, trusting, embracing, witnessing, understanding, and participating in the process of Life. It can be a worldview of connection, of openness, not separation, reluctance or resistance. 

This is an invitation to experiment with the saying of "bahala na" as a conscious affirmation, a prayer, a mantra, a chant, a worldview, an incantation, a blessing, and/or personal tool for cultivating compassion, content, courage, and clarity to fortify us in facing uncertainty and struggle.

We explore the Philippine saying and tradition of "bahala na" with a new consciousness for these times and all ages to come. And we explore other elements of sikolohiyang pilipino. Together we uncover the universal wisdom within our own traditions.

Our ancestors believed that they had souls and that all things had spirit and meaning. They knew a deep sense of connection with each other and with the forces of nature. It is this inherent knowing, this living experience of sacred interconnection (pakikipagkapwa) that gave them implicit and unwavering Trust in Spirit, and in the harmony of the Universe.

Today, many of us have lost that inherent knowledge. Whole societies and civilizations have lost it. This is the disruption, the disturbance—unsustainable consumerism, colonization, imperialism— the epoch-long darkness of delusion that has caused mass destruction and chain-reactions of trauma-begets-trauma inflicted by ego-based institutions upon generations and nations, across oceans and continents, for many ages.

We'll come together as kapwa to uncover gifts of tacit knowledge within us. From this, we may expand Philippine ancestral wisdom within us, potentially living more fully as human beings and as humans taking soul-purpose action that builds anew.

We'll take a look at art, language and baybayin as mystical messages and at sound as vibrational embodiment.

We will weave together our insight and understandings about pain and joy, dark and light, trauma and healing, seen and unseen, deep connection and much more. Along the way, we can come closer to both a collective awareness and individual sense of wholeness, to our inherent inner beauty and that of our ancestors, and to our spiritual purpose of co-creativity on this Earth.

We can come back "home" to who we truly are within ourselves (pagbabalikloob), a place inside where we each sense our Self as an eternal divine child of Feminine and Masculine Divine. We are as capable and responsible as any divine being, diwata or force of nature to be creative and effectual for balance and harmony within Creation.

Any act of illumination not only supports and honors our selves, it can end cycles of karma... heal destructive family patterns... strengthen our relationships... honor our ancestors... and create an empowering inheritance for the generations that follow us.

Where there is separation and division, may there now be connection. 

Where there is uncertainty, may we always see possibilities. 

Where there is blind faith, may we now find radical acceptance. 

Where there is fatalism, may we now flow. 

Where's there's anxiety, may it shift to excitement. 

Where there is struggle, may we now act with ease.

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Here's the info to the second part of this series:

Los Angeles, CA, USA, Fri, Sep. 11, 2020 6:00 pm PDT  

Manila, Philippines Sat, Sep 12, 2020 9:00 am PHT


Presented by Omehra Sigahne and Letecia Layson

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