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Sister Creatrix

Dona’s purpose is simple: to become more of who we are fully, fiercely, unapologetically. She inspires people to awaken through their bodies, helps them fall in love with themselves again, and guides people in conceiving and giving birth to an expanded version of themselves filled with spice, depth, and juiciness. She does these through Embodiment practices, Energy Management, and advocating an approach to Women’s Wellbeing that honors the feminine energy cycle which she shares extensively in both live and online platforms in Asia Pacific and Europe. 


Dona gives special focus on working with women through live and online women’s circles, immersions, workshops and one-on-one coaching where she encourages embodying an approach to well-being that honors the feminine energy cycle. She envisions a community of women, harmonizing their external environment with their internal cycles, and stepping into leadership to enrich the community.


Dona is passionate about educating women (and men!) on the feminine energy cycles and shifting society’s perspective and experience of menstruation so that healing happens in both the individual and the collective. Her approach is an integration of feminine energetic imprints, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hormone harmony, psycho-emotional health, and practical Spirituality. She weaves in somatic movement and intuitive dance, Yoga and mindfulness, Yin and meridian practices, archetypal embodiment, and life force nutrition specific to the different phases of the feminine energy cycle and our shifting hormones. 


Dona has facilitated Embodiment and Women’s Wellbeing immersions and workshops in different cities in Asia and Europe. Dona also provides face-to-face and online mentoring and guidance as you go through the different phases of your Inner Moon.

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